Welcome !

We are happy that you found the website of our student residence – FAHO! You will find a small overview of the life in our residence, such as how we are structured, which equipment we have, how you can involve yourself and much more!

The life in FAHO is the best combination between flat-sharing and living alone. You want to be alone? Your room, which nearly every time has its own bathroom, will make you comfortable. Your mood is more to see other persons? Head the kitchen that you share with four to eleven other flatmates. It’s the gathering point of your floor, you can cook, eat, play games, party and do much more stuff there. The life in the student residence is also the best occasion to meet interesting people from different studies, countries and semesters. FAHO is directly near the sport campus and you are never too far away from your lecture hall. Bike, buses and of course your feet will let you reach the centre of the city and the RWTH quickly. A lot of good times with nice people are awaiting you!

With 88 persons living here, FAHO is the smallest student residence of Aachen. Activities and our bar will allow you to get you know a lot of them very quickly. Near us, you can find around 250 other students living in different student residences. Some of our activities are organized with them.

You can find a lot of advantages for the life in residence: the possibility of living with other students, the cheap rent, the Bierkeller (literally the bier cellar – our bar), the cleaning staffs that clean the shared area and empty the bins in the kitchen, the large, green field behind the house, and the list goes on! The best of the student life condensed in one place: interesting people, a bar, a pool in the summer, a lot of party all year round, activities with your flatmates, sports and everything else you can think of!

Have fun!